I’m a freelance writer based in Liverpool, UK with a previous history of working several safe, relatively well-paid jobs before deciding that a life of permanent debt, insecurity and sleepless nights would be infinitely more exciting.

I write anything and everything, with varying degrees of success, but consider my strengths to be TV drama, complaints letters and pornographic short stories. Sorry, I mean ‘erotica’. And no, I don’t use my real name when I do this.

The reason I went freelance was to enjoy the flexibility of working to my own schedule, and also to give me the time and space to get my head down and write the novel that had been festering in my head for years, which is now what I’m most famous for, I suppose. The book sold millions (the royalty cheque bought me the French farmhouse where I now live), and then those cheeky execs in Hollywood came sniffing around and I got to write the movie adaptation too which, incredibly, earned me my first Oscar nomination. I still can’t believe any of this actually happened, it’s like I’m expecting to wake up one day and realise it was all a dr…. oh, wait a minute.

Had I been born a boy, then obviously I’d have become a professional footballer and would be managing Liverpool FC right now, after a successful Anfield playing career which broke all records. Innovations during my first season in charge would have included the re-introduction of performance-related pay, a wage cap, a ban on stupid hairstyles, and a Spit Tax (double for substitutes who gob on the grass  before they’ve even come onto the pitch). However, the chromosomes split the wrong way and I had to settle for a lifetime of watching from the stands instead. But, after twenty five years of faithful match-going worship; home, away, Europe and beyond, plus some quite ridiculous levels of drinking, I fell the way of so many and have been forced into the armchair, simply because I just don’t have the million pounds required to “support” the team any more. I earn a working class wage, and I live half a mile from the ground – two absolute no-nos for the modern Liverpool fan. Anyway, that’s a whole different blog…

This blog is divided into two main sections: Tales From The City – general musings on Liverpool life and what it’s like to be a freelance writer in one of the world’s most creative cities; and The Hidradenitis Suppurativa Page – an anecdotal and information portal for those who suffer from this debilitating autoimmune disease (and for anyone who wants to learn more about improving their health through natural diet – and no, I’m not a hippie).

If you’re still awake, then further sleep aid can be provided by either reading my books, or watching my telly stuff – below.

Further Reading/Viewing –

“Strange Coffee” available from Amazon (Kindle only) and Smashwords (all e-formats).

Click To Buy

Liverpool writer, Jess Riordan, is struggling to finish her 2nd novel. Her gambling addiction isn’t helping, nor is her habit of leaving people for dead in doorways. Battling with best friend, Stuart, for the attentions of an 80s pop star, adds to her distractions. Enter Dag, a handsome drummer, immune to the superficialities of the Liverpool Literati. Is he the one to finally unlock her block?

“The Exocet Brothers: Volume 1 – Serve Cold” – available from Amazon (Kindle) and Smashwords (all e-formats)

Click to buy

Mike and Adam are best friends, nothing can come between them, not even women – or so they thought. But when Adam wins the lottery, his joy turns to despair when he discovers his girlfriend and his wingman are having an affair, and Adam decides to use his newfound wealth to exact a terrifying revenge on the two people he loves most in the world.


Moving On (BBC One)

Click to Buy

Season 1 – Episode 3 “Drowning Not Waving” 

“Richard Armitage plays John Mulligan, a man who seems like the perfect solution to his old school flame Ellie’s (Christine Tremarco) financial trouble. But can he really be trusted?”

Season 2 – Episode 9 “Rules Of The Game”

“Dave Farrow (Alfie Allen) is the life and soul of any party. Forever in the shadow of big brother Steven (Richard Fleeshman), star midfielder for the Reds, Dave only gets noticed for the wrong reasons, and seems to be spiraling out of control. Dave is adamant there is no problem; he just likes a beer with the lads.

A&E nurse Ruth (Olivia Hallinan) sees something in him, but whether Dave will be able to put aside his demons for long enough to give their relationship a chance is another matter. Will Steven and Ruth be able to help Dave before he presses the self-destruct button – or will he take them down with him?”



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  1. PS when you review the comment you can delete it. I doesn’t really go there but it’s somewhere where I thought you’d get it.


    • Hey! Yes I did reactivate after a 6 month sabbatical! I was fed up reading about what people were having for breakfast. I didn’t care! I just needed a social media break full stop, has been a very hard year so had to focus a bit more on important stuff. I wasn’t using my brain for anything and it was just non-information overload every time I logged on. I’ll lurk from now on, mainly so I can stay in touch with people I want to stay in touch with. Thanks for the message, do stay in touch! Hope you’re well?! S x


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