AIP Elimination Diet – Reintroduction Weeks 5 & 6: All Kinds of Everything


Well so much for balancing the ship. Not only was the ship not balanced, it was well and truly shipwrecked. Not quite sure what happened, but being self-disciplined is so much easier when there’s no sunshine or beer gardens about.

This past fortnight I have done nothing but eat, drink and be merry, losing all modicum of self control and confusing my body no end. Until yesterday, though, I still had no reaction to any specific foodstuff, but today I am quite sore which, I’m positive, is a direct result of general bad living and – here’s the thing – skimping on the amount of Magic Tea I’ve been drinking (although it’s superheroic powers did save me from two potentially fatal hangovers last Thursday and Friday).

I am having a flare at the moment, though, but only of previously dormant lesions, so there’s nothing ‘new’ to report, as such. This also makes me think that the culprit is not one single thing, more a general gut collapse because I’ve been abusing it with a myriad different things it’s just not ready for yet. My usual three large cafetieres of Magic Tea went down to one, simply because I was not around to drink the other two. THAT, I’m sure, has had a marked effect on my gut.

riceThe only food which ‘might’ have caused a reaction, is rice. I ate some on Saturday for the first time since December, felt a bit tender on Sunday, then had more rice on Sunday night and flared properly this morning. Obviously, had I not been so dumb over the past few weeks and kept to the reintroduction phase as I’d planned it, I would know for sure if it was rice I was reacting to. As it is, this is just a semi-educated guess.

I have e-slapped myself around the face about 124 times over the last two weeks for being so lackadaisical about this latest recovery stage, when all I had to do was keep doing what I was doing. But I guess it’s like when women give birth, say “never again!” and then go on to have 10 more kids, that I just ‘forgot’ how painful HS can be and. When my symptoms all but disappeared, around a month ago, I kidded myself that everything was going to be OK, and all my defences came down, allowing me to leap back into old habits which are now coming back to haunt me.

But now I remember how painful it is. Oh, just a bit.

It would be futile to sit here and say “but this week I’m going to get back on track” because, for starters, I’m going to the pub to watch the match tomorrow. I also have a family ‘do’ on Saturday which, if previous soirees are to go by, could get boisterous. I’m confident that the flare is temporary (I can just ‘tell’) but, bizarrely, I’m more worried about putting back on the two stone I’ve lost, than erupting like Mount Vesuvius.

cowHaving just torn myself to pieces, however, I do have to say that, generally, I am still eating very well and cooking frequently. I remain defiant about never allowing a ready meal, or artificial sweetener, to pass my lips again, and I’m passionate about knowing the source of everything I’m eating, even if it’s bad. OK, so the odd Sainsbury’s cocktail sausage and Laughing Cow Mini Cravings Cube may have found its way into my fridge but, all in all, I’m still sticking to the general plan. I just need to be a little stronger when it comes to diverting from the diversions…

Coming up: Week 7 – Mushrooms

Coming up: Week 7 – Dairy


2 responses to “AIP Elimination Diet – Reintroduction Weeks 5 & 6: All Kinds of Everything

  1. A really good little update Sarah. I like how you are being honest about the fact that you’ve not been as strict as usual with your diet, I agree with you that it’s sometimes hard to stay disciplined especially when the sun is shining and the beer gardens are plentiful!

    Like you I also use diet to control my HS, have you ever heard of eating only raw foods as a way of controlling outbreaks? I was diagnosed recently while pregnant with my first child, antibiotics did nothing for me so I researched the net for alternative treatments and found sites such as yours and also another great site called which is definitely worth checking out too as it had loads of great info.

    On the site I read that diets that are around 80-90% consistent of raw foods are extremely effective in controlling outbreaks. Anyway I felt like I had tried so many other things so I thought whats the worst that could happen? It may be too soon to tell but I started the diet and sure enough I’m over 6 month symptom free, I am now in the process of testing what foods bring on outbreaks etc so I can reincorporate as many foods as possible back into my diet.

    Anyway I hope this helps and thanks again for all your great info too!

    Good luck!


    • Thanks Betty! I’m glad the blog is proving helpful to other sufferers. I don’t know if you’ve read from the beginning, about how I discovered (by accident) that I even had it. But I found my ‘solutions’ just as you did – by researching and not believing what the doctors said. Yes, I know that website you mention (one of many I have read ragged, as I am sure you have), although I’ve never actively tried the raw food approach, but it’s definitely something I want to try. I’m kind of getting a clearer picture now of what does and doesn’t work for me which, compared to the hopelessness of this time last year, is a miracle. Thanks again for the suggestion, and do keep reading! Best.


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