Book Launch – “The Exocet Brothers: Volume 1 – Serve Cold” – by Sarah Deane & Anthony Hodges, Now Available Online

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Collaborating with others always adds time to a project but it’s often a lot more rewarding that way when it comes to the finished product. So, at long last, after lots of head scratching, late nights and copious pints of (outrageously expensive) Boon Doggle in The Bull’s Head by Manchester Piccadilly, “the book” is now finished and up online here for the bargain holiday-reading price of $1.99. You can even download a free 15% sample to try before you buy, that’s how generous we are.

The Story Behind The Story

Around a year ago, a mutual friend put me in touch with an Essex boy called Tony Hodges who was after someone to help him write a book from an idea that had been festering in the depths of his imagination for quite some time. We met up, had a chat over a few beers, and I agreed that it was, indeed, a great idea that could easily fit any medium, from book to stage to screen, maybe even a board game one day…

So Project Exocet Brothers began in earnest and, over the past 12 months, we’ve been e-batting chapters, covers, characters and mad lines back and forth over the tinterweb until we arrived at the final edit. Many of the book’s characters are based on real people – they know who they are, but that’s as far as I’ll go, in an effort to protect the guilty. Serve Cold is just the first volume, so after a couple of weeks R&R, it’ll be time to pick it back up again and get cracking with Part II.

With a few irons in the fire, we might even have a proper print version available by Christmas, which would tie in nicely with the Volume II online launch next Spring.

The book is available from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple and (in a few days) Amazon, in all e-book formats, and also as a PDF so you can print off/read from the laptop. So if you’re yet to select your beach tome for this year’s hollibobs, be a bit dangerous and give this a try. Go on, you know you want to. Even if your vacation is restricted to a fortnight  at home playing Candy Crush and Pet Rescue Saga, it’s always good to have a book handy to fill that gap while you’re waiting for friends to send you lives, right?


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One day your life will change forever. Are you ready?

Mike and Adam are best friends, nothing can come between them, not even women – or so they thought. But when Adam wins the lottery, his joy turns to despair when he discovers his girlfriend and his wingman are having an affair, and Adam decides to use his newfound wealth to exact a terrifying revenge on the two people he loves most in the world.

Serve Cold is a 21st century tale of loving life, losing love and testing loyalties.

Everyone has a limit – what’s yours?

Buy Serve Cold @ Smashwords, here.

Follow Anthony, his brother Dave and the adventures of the Exocet Brothers, on their Twitter feed here.




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