World Merit Day 24th July 2014 – Liverpool ECHO Arena


This morning I was invited along to a launch for something called World Merit Day, which is happening in Liverpool at the ECHO Arena on July 24th 2014. I didn’t know anything about it, so when Maureen from Clapperboard UK rang to say there was a presentation about it at the former Contemporary Urban Centre (CUC) in the Baltic Triangle (now an educational arts centre), I was curious.

World Merit was founded by Liverpudlian Chris Arnold, who’s spent years creating opportunities for young people to get inspired and have their voices heard. Whether it’s sending them on exchange trips to other countries to experience new cultures, or providing a platform for them to make short films about their own daily lives, the organisation is about channelling young talent and giving them a global outlet for their energy and ambitions.

Their website has nearly 80,000 members from around the world, and the point of it is to put young people in contact with each other, and also to match them up with businesses and individuals who can help them achieve their goals, whether they’re creative, political or business driven. It’s am ambitious project, especially in a global climate where the next generation are largely written off before they’ve had a chance to achieve anything.

The event itself is going to be a 24-hour extravaganza of music (headlined by Woodkid), workshops and networking – one place where creatives, entrepreneurs, mentors, and anybody who knows they want to ‘do’ something but don’t know how to go about it, can meet up and see what opportunities are on offer.

To date, the project has had zero marketing, so expect a push in the coming months, but any young people (or parents//friends of young people), who have a burning desire to change the world, should put 24th July into their iPhone calendar.

MiC Lowry

MiC Lowry

As part of the presentation, a local group were given the floor to perform a few tunes, and they were simply superb. Take a bow, MiC Lowry. Five Liverpool lads who showed the audience first hand what hard work, desire and ambition can achieve. I wouldn’t mention them if they hadn’t completely blown me away, because I’m very hard to please. Anyone who has a second, has to check them out here

World Merit Day 24th July ECHO Arena


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