George Rolph is on Hunger Strike because of having his disability benefits denied. He has been censored by Facebook

Reblog: This is the saddest thing I’ve read in a long time. It’s heartbreaking, truly. If you have the time, please read and share. Sometimes I feel very lucky to be British compared to what some other nationalities have to endure, but right now I’ve never been more ashamed.

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George’s CALL TO ACTION letter is below.

Today, 3rd June, 2013, George Rolph was banned from Facebook, without reason.  He is in Day 14 of his Hunger Strike, which he is doing for others going through what he has had to endure, whilst also trying to get the general public to wake up to what is happening to the most vulnerable people in the United Kingdom, a country which once cared for those who are vulnerable, sick and disabled.
He will not stop this Hunger Strike until the British Government and ATOS stop their persecution of the Sick, the Disabled, the Poor, the Carers, the Unemployed, even if it means he has to die in doing so.
Please, share his story, and please note that the government, have been pushed, albeit unwillingly, by the public’s reaction, and have now reinstated the benefits due to George, but he remains on Hunger…

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