Hillsborough: The Whole Truth Revealed – Resources

On Wednesday 12th September 2012, The Hillsborough Independent Panel (HIP) released their report into the real truth surrounding both the causes of the Hillsborough football disaster, and the subsequent attempts by the South Yorkshire Police (SYP) to divert their own culpability onto the dead and survivors, in a shameless smear campaign which resulted in the tarnishing of the reputation of an entire city. Complicit in this, were authority figures in other emergency services, as well as leading figures in the then-government.

It has been called “the biggest cover up in British history”, and that cover-up went right to the top.

Much has been written in the two days since the report’s release, too much to even try and reproduce here. What’s important, is that the truth that many people have known for 23 years, is now in the public domain, where it should have been all along.

This page is to help guide those who want to find quick and easy access to the panel’s report. It’s a long document, nearly 400 pages, but every single word is pertinent, and much of it is shocking in illustrating just how far the facts were twisted and distorted, to suit an Establishment agenda,  to protect specific individuals, and to besmirch the reputations of the deceased, the bereaved, and the survivors.

The road to justice has grown that little bit shorter, but the journey is far from over. Criminal proceedings must follow, because there are numerous persons whose individual decision-making directly contributed to such a huge loss of life. Not only that, but the lengths to which that course of justice was perverted, is truly staggering. New inquests, also, are a priority for the families, and one would hope that the Attorney General’s office, with whom such a decision rests, is already looking into the legalities of this matter.

Below is a list of links to take you straight to the relevant sections of the HIP’s report, the whole of which can be found at the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s website.

1. Introduction To Hillsborough

2. Summary of the Main Findings

3. The Report In Full

4. Browse The Disclosed Material

5. Catalogue of All Material Considered For Disclosure

Some Important Media From The Last Days:

Video: Newsnight 12.9.12: 

Video: David Cameron’s Full Speech to Parliament 12.09.12 (via LFCTV)

Video: The HIP Press Conference Announcing The Release of Their Report (BBC News Channel)

Video: Hillsborough Justice Campaign (HJC) Press Conference (via LFCTV)

Video: Hillsborough Families Support Group (HFSG) Press Conference (via LFCTV)

Video: Hope For Hillsborough (HFH) Press Conference (via LFCTV)

Video: The Hillsborough Vigil at St George’s Hall 12.09.12 (via LFCTV)


Hillsborough: Brian Reade on the day that changed football forever MIRROR 11.09.12

Brian Reade: The Mothers Who Refused To Let Their Lost Children Down MIRROR 12.09.12

David Conn Analyses Key Findings of HIP Report GUARDIAN 12.09.12











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